What is Joomla?

Joomla allows anyone who has secure credentials - website owners as well as managers - to update a website from any location that has an Internet connection.


Simply put, Joomla is a database engine that organizes content and strategically places it on designed web pages. This site uses Joomla as do most of the sites I have created that are still in service. Joomla is extremely secure, robust, and can handle every task required of it. It can host a simple blog, and it can manage a highly complex e-commerce site … and anything in between.

I’ve spent years learning the tricks needed to make Joomla-managed web pages look great, and I’m still learning more every day.

Joomla itself is “open source code” and can be used without paying the developers anything. Many “extensions” to the basic core engine are also available without cost. But if you want your website to look great and do more than just the basic functions, you’re going to need help to make it do that.

I’ve got the experience to know how to find tools and integrate them to make your site work for you.

I strongly believe that you should have ultimate control of your Joomla site. You will always have top-level credentials to your site so you can make any changes needed. Of course, I’ll help you do what you need to do anytime.


I have some remarkable partners in what I do. Here are some that I recommend highly….

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Social Media

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Your website is your Internet anchor, but Social Media is a must for building community. I can guide your start with basic social media networks. When you need a full-time social media coordinator, I can put you in touch with the very best social media professionals in the area.