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CommunitySome people think that I’m a website developer, and I am. Some people think I create web-quality promotional videos, and I do. Some people think I’m a top-notch Joomla master, and I certainly qualify for that too. (More about Joomla in a moment.) Some people think that I’m an event planner, promoter, and social media guru, and they would be right.

But really, I’m a Community Builder. Not in the sense that I’m the right person to build the next Brier Creek housing project or anything like that. I just happen to use my technological, promotional, and organizational skills to build a sense of community among people. It is my belief that everyone benefits from a feeling that they belong to community, and it is my goal to make that happen in people’s lives. Every part of my life is focused on community building, and if something doesn’t fit into that effort, then someone else will need to do it.

building community onlineI have some resounding success stories to show for my efforts. Other efforts are still in the infancy stage, and that’s okay. Every effort requires work and dedication from lots of people. Every effort is a step on the journey toward realizing someone’s dream to join a community and build it into something special. I am honored to have a part in that dream and that journey.

My list of commercial and not-for-profit clients grows steadily as more and more people want help to build community. You can see some of them under the Sample Websites tab.

Best Practices

Best PracticesThere are hundreds of New Rules for publishing websites. I’ve read pages and pages of them, and keeping up with them and the changing technology is a full time job.

One extremely important Best Practice is to create “mobile friendly” websites. More and more people have discovered how convenient it is to look up a website on a mobile device while they are away from their laptops or desktop machines. In fact, I’ll pull out my smart phone and look up something online just about anywhere.

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What is Joomla?

Joomla allows anyone who has secure credentials - website owners as well as managers - to update a website from any location that has an Internet connection.


Simply put, Joomla is a database engine that organizes content and strategically places it on designed web pages. This site uses Joomla as do most of the sites I have created that are still in service. Joomla is extremely secure, robust, and can handle every task required of it. It can host a simple blog, and it can manage a highly complex e-commerce site … and anything in between.

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Where do I Start?


Decide what your objectives are.
The most effective websites have just one objective. Most of us, however, have more than one message. If that’s the case, you should limit your website content to fit into no more than 3 objectives.

Decide how much your budget is.
As Tevye from Fiddler on the Roof says to God, “You made many, many poor people. I realize, of course, it’s no shame to be poor … but it’s no great honor either. So what would be so terrible … if I had a small fortune?” When we know how much you can spend without breaking the bank, we can design your site to fit.

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I have some remarkable partners in what I do. Here are some that I recommend highly….

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Social Media

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Your website is your Internet anchor, but Social Media is a must for building community. I can guide your start with basic social media networks. When you need a full-time social media coordinator, I can put you in touch with the very best social media professionals in the area.